YYou pin him down I’LL GRAB THE FISH
Come on you bees

















You’d Better Not Go Alone






Dream Sea
Dream Sea











Some Disruption At Waterloo
Some Disruption At Waterloo
Storm Doris Larking about in A Cave
Storm Doris Larking about in A Cave SOLD
Yep Tide’s Out Winner Of The Alliotts Award for Best Contemporary Work


4 thoughts on “Acrylics”

  1. Storm Doris is now sold at Peter Richardson gallery
    What the Bees See Is now sold at Denbies Village Artists Exhibition
    Maternity Wing and Seal Lullaby can be seen at Oxmarket Gallery Chichester from 10-22nd October 2017

  2. Hi Ingrid
    I saw your lovely paintings at Houghton Lodge yesterday and loved “Is This the Way to Amaryllis” and “Purple Posy”. I found them very exciting.

    I paint myself so I am most intrigued by the special effects. How on earth do you manage to use a blowtorch and not burn a hole in the canvas or set fire to the oil?

    You are so versatile. I admire the way that you explore each new challenge.
    Best wishes
    Di Alexander
    Programme Co-ordinator Totton Art Society
    Mobile 07979905192

    1. Thank you so much for taking the trouble to comment on my work and to say such nice things – praise from another artist is real praise.
      The techniques I have adapted are tricky – the smoke alarm has gone off more than a few times and I’ve had to conceal the odd burn . Also the mix is so unpredictable making the piece truly unique .
      I’m on instagram if you care to follow me – more or less given up on FB – such poor performance . Maybe get to meet you one of these days . Happy painting kind regards Ingrid

  3. Hi Ingrid – we bought Yep tide’s out, and we love it here, in the light off the sea in Cornwall. Sets it alive. Was just wondering if Dream Sea was available, and how big it is?

    Best wishes – Tim & Jo

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